medical_assistanceMarine Response was a pioneer of pre-employment medical examinations (PEMEs) in the marine industry and remains a leader in the set-up, audit and maintenance of PEME clinic networks worldwide.

Marine PEMEs have now assumed an even greater importance with the advent of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC2006). Many Flag states now require operators to offer crew a PEME from a clinic which has been assessed and audited by an independent provider, making it an area of major recent growth and interest for Marine Response as ship operators seek to ensure compliance and avoid problems with unions, Port State Control and Flag authorities.

An effective PEME protects you in several ways:

  • Identifying pre-existing illness which may necessitate sick wage and medical costs
  • Preventing delays or restrictions due to non-MLC2006 compliant PEMEs
  • Preventing those at risk of a health crisis from working at sea or in remote environments
  • Helping to avoid expensive evacuations, repatriations and long-term care
  • Ensuring that employees have the physical capacity to perform their role

Marine Response works with you to devise and implement a PEME system which addresses what you need from your workforce. Marine Response understands that working as a waiter, laundry assistant or spa therapist at sea, for instance, is different to doing the same work on land- we can help tailor your PEME accordingly.

Marine Response presently operates PEME schemes for operators and insurers in the Philippines, India, UK/Ireland, Australia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

Bespoke PEME examinations have also been set up in the USA, Canada, Algeria and Pakistan.

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